REFRA Sp. z o.o.

REFRA Sp. z o.o. in Dąbrowa Górnicza is a company with 100% Polish capital offering a wide range of services in branch of industrial refractory construction.

We perform services of industrial furnaces. We offer construction and refurbishment of steel structures for furnaces as well as industrial furnaces built from the ground up. A high level of our services and timeliness of orders is our priority.

Our aim is to make you enjoy a contact with our Company. We are striving to ensure it by being ready to fulfill non-standard expectations regarding operation of refractory devices.

Our staff, both managerial and assembly workers, consists of reliable professionals with experience in carrying out refractory works in Poland and in Europe. An additional asset of us is that our employees know foreign languages.

We sponsor the MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza Basketball Team.



In the last two years we have performed more than a dozen “turnkey” refractory projects. The projects included complete engineering, a delivery of refractory materials, their installation and professional drying. In short time our company carried out many specialized construction works…



The assembly and management staff is 160 people in total, including qualified employees, who have a number of permissions to work on all industrial facilities and support many technical devices necessary for the efficient implementation of the refractory assembly process…