The assembly and management staff include 120 people in total including qualified employees having a number of licenses to work on all industrial facilities and operate many technical devices which are necessary for the efficient implementation of refractory assembly process.

  • bricklayer of industrial furnaces
  • bricklayer’s assistant in industrial furnaces
  • welder
  • carpenter
  • locksmith
  • electrician


REFRA Sp. z o.o. offers services using specialized equipment.
Our equipment is stored and serviced at the company’s technical back-up.

Machines for application of refractory

  • dry gunning machines
  • shotcrete machine
  • mixers for concrete and refractory masses with the capacity of 100 to 250 liters
  • pneumatic vibrators for concrete
  • pneumatic moulder’s rammers
  • a pump for refractory concrete

Machines for processing refractory
molded materials:

  • band saws with a movable table
  • saw blades for wet cutting
  • dry saw blades

Welding and fusion welding equipment for heat-resistant steel grades.

Equipment for pre-drying and heating of linings of refractory facilities:

  • Weishaupt oil burners with power from 400 kW to 3.5 MW
  • gas burners
  • insulation blankets for heating lances of rotary kiln burners
  • control software which enables to carry out a drying process in accordance with the theoretical curve and registration of actual temperatures prevailing in the facility



In the last two years we have performed more than a dozen “turnkey” refractory projects. The projects included complete engineering, a delivery of refractory materials, their installation and professional drying. In short time our company carried out many specialized construction works…



REFRA Sp. z o.o. in Dąbrowa Górnicza is a company with 100% Polish capital offering a wide range of services in branch of industrial refractory construction. We perform services of industrial furnaces. We offer construction and refurbishment of steel structures for furnaces as well as…